9 of the Most Amazing Treehouses Ever Built

Imagine having these treehouses as a kid… or even as an adult! Really makes you think you can lead a simple life living in any one of these. Take a look…

1) The Free Spirit Sphere by Tom Chudleigh

tree-houseVia freespiritspheres.com

2) This crazy 3-story treehouse in British Colombia, Canada

amazing-treehousesVia Imgur.com

3) Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand

amazing-treehouses-15Via archdaily.com

4) Finca Bellavista tree house community in Costa Rica

amazing-treehouses-7Via andersbirch.com

5) The UFO treehouse in Sweden

amazing-treehouses-16Via treehotel.se

6) The bedroom of a treehouse in San Francisco

eclectic-bedroomVia alexamend.com

7) You could pretty much live in this one

1e19d788576a596dd7ca613d9641abc4Via pinterest.com

8) Ultra modern treehouse in Nichols Canyon, USA

treehouse-4Via duranvirginia.wordpress.com

9) Tree House Lodge in Costa Rica