16 Hilarious Posts by Elderly People on Facebook

Elderly People + Facebook = Hilarious! Images courtesy of reddit.

1) Grandpa is a jokester


2) Charles’ message to Kmart


3) “That will be ok”


4) Who knows what’s going on here¬†


5) Susie’s grandmother isn’t happy about this photo

 Garlic Bread!!

6) Nice selfie!


7) Classic dad!


8) Amanda is very patient


9) Dennis is concerned for Red Lobster


10) I’m sure the Olive Garden was fascinated by this comment


11) Deanna wants the truth!!!


12) Google should’ve never made a Facebook page


13) A loving mother


14) Stop planting viruses Kodak!



15) Peggy is the queens of creating memes

16) Hi Maryellen!