12 Signs You Have Been Backpacking For A While

There’s nothing quite like travelling the world and living out of your backpack, meeting new friends at hostels, and exploring places you’ve never been to before with a child-like wonder. Of course it is easy to spot people who have been on the road for more than a couple weeks. Here’s some tell tale signs that you have been backpacking for a while!

1) You have no idea what day of the week it is, nor do you care.

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2) You have more friendship bracelets than you can fit on one arm.

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3) You’re overly happy when your hostel has working hot water.

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4) You’ve become an expert at negotiating with locals to get the best price.

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5) You’re used to seeing more than 3 people on one motorbike.

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6) You don’t even give an afterthought to riding on questionable transportation yourself.

7) Your medicine pack always contains something for upset stomach.

8) People reach out to you on Facebook asking where you are currently.

9) If you’re ever in <insert country here> you have a place to stay with a backpacker you’ve met along the way.

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10) Walking for long periods of time has become quite easy.

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11) You’ve become an expert on finding the best prices on Flights and Hostels.

12) Your most prized possession are your memories you hold from your travels that you’ll never forget for as long as you live.

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