12 Reasons to Become a Travelling Nomad

Why live a nomadic life? One where you go where the wind takes you? These 11 reasons will have you out on the road in no time, exploring the great unknown.


1) Because you can live anywhere in the world!


Obvious I know, but definitely the number one reason.


2) And when you get bored of somewhere, you can just pick up and go on to the next place.


You’re a nomad after all, that’s the point!


3) You will make space for a large amount of new experiences


When you don’t have a set home and are constantly moving around to new places, naturally you’ll do things you’ve never done before like go cliff jumping or ATVing in the dessert.


4) You will meet a ton of interesting people.


If you just live in one place, you will meet relatively the same types of people. But as a nomad, you will constantly meet people from all walks of life. You’ll become extremely cultured in a short amount of time, that’s for sure.


5) You could skip winter forever if you want!


There’s always summer happening somewhere.


6) If you take the digital nomad route, you can work from anywhere!


These days with the internet, it is possible for many to start businesses where all that is needed is a laptop and internet connection. This career choice is quite popular among those that want to lead a nomadic lifestyle.


7) There’s a good chance you’ll become awakened


What I mean by this is achieving a level of consciousness that only a widened perspective can achieve. In order to break the barriers of the bubbles we live in, it is important to see things like poverty, different cultures, and what life is like for people in different parts of the world. Chances are you will not take life for granted after having these experiences.


8) Your street and survival skills with become extremely heightened.


When you are a nomad, you are constantly in different parts of the world. On your first day, you might’ve got scammed by a taxi driver, or paid too much for something because you didn’t know better. But after a wealth of travel, your instincts become very on point. You will sense scams before they happen. You will walk confidently down the street and people will know that you are not a sucker that they can take advantage of.


9) You will have amazing stories to share for a lifetime!


“This one time in India, I was at a snake show with hundreds of cobras and…” If someone starts telling this story, I’m sure as hell going to listen!


10) Your ability to connect with other people will be infinite.


In the “real world”, real connections are far and few between. Take for example working in a corporate office. All of your conversations are not real.. they are filtered by responsibilities, being places you don’t want to be, complaining, etc. On the flip side, when you are travelling, the people you are meet are also searching for something authentic. The types of conversations you’ll have as a nomad will be a lot more meaningful. And after travelling, you will naturally be more authentic in how you communicate.


11) You can find cool communes to hang out at for a bit.


A hippie commune you say? hmmm. These days communes are about eco-living and everyone doing their part to live in an alternative society. Not for everyone, but certainly cool to check out for a bit!


12) You have complete freedom!


When I was a kid, I never thought that life was all about getting a job, so you can get married and support your family, and then get a mortgage, etc. etc. That just seems like such a mundane life. Now imagine you (and perhaps a significant other) are living in a beach hut somewhere in the Philippines, enjoying the immense nature and culture around you for as long as you feel like. Now that to me is an amazing life. Really there is no better life than a nomadic one.